5 Passive Income Ideas That Will Make You Money Every Month

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our website, here at Inbox27.com we want to help you grow your business using technology and the latest information that we can provide to you, today we want to discuss with you and share some tips and tips if you are looking to build passive income. If you are like, me, I really like the idea on working on an asset to then receive compensation and continue to make money for years to come, there are ways to make passive income by investing your time and there are ways to make passive income by investing money, today we are going to talk about both.

Benefits of passive income

Passive income is one of the best things a person can build if you want to accumulate wealth, when you work for every single hour and you get paid back for that time you are always going to be fighting for that amount of cash, you are trading your time for a small amount of time, when you invest in your passive income sources then the money continues to grow without you doing any additional work, this is why it is one of the best ways to build wealth and have money for the future. A lot of people do not realize just how powerful compounding can be and that you can have multiple sources of passive income, this is how most millionaires make their money, they invest their time and money in assets that continue to generate income no matter if you are actively working on such investments, you want your money to work for you, not the other way around and today we will explore 5 passive income ideas that will continue to provide income to you every single month for the rest of your life.

5 Passive Income Ideas For Monthly Income

Ok, let’s get started with our 5 passive income ideas and how we can get started, the goal here is to create several sources of income that will require an initial investment of money or time, at the end of the day all income streams will require some kind of work, the idea is to make the investment first and then you will continue to receive income every month, each passive income idea will require some work and if you want to grow your income you can spend more time on each source of income however if you were to stop working on your assets you will continue to collect dividend, this is the basic idea behind this and I have been doing this for years with incredible results, these are all income streams that I have built myself and it has taken me a long time to achieve my goals however it is doable and if you put in the effort you will get there as well.

Dollar Bills
Earn Passive Income

1. Investing in high quality domain names: Many people do not know that domain names are valuable assets that increase in value every single year. Every single day, domain names are sold for thousands of dollars and they provide you with the opportunity to 10x or 100x your return if you have some capital to invest. The idea is very simple, you will buy a high quality domain name and provide an email address and phone number where you can be reached through your domain name registrar once you register the domain name that you want, once your domain name is registered and in your portfolio you either wait until a buyer makes you an offer for it or you can be more active and sell your domain name on auction websites. That is the simple business model, you can easily register a domain name for under $10 dollars and sell it for thousands of dollars. Since you have an asset that somebody else wants you can set your price based on what other similar domain names have sold for. Here is what makes a domain name valuable.

Short, easy to remember and pronounce (passes the radio test)
Dot com domain names tend to sell for more and be more valuable than other extensions
Domain names that do not have dashes sell for more money
Brandable domain names sell really well, for example (TripWee.com) is easy to brand

This is a very nice business that you can start for very little money, you can invent and be creative and register domain names that you think other companies might like, just watch out for Trademarks, you can either wait until someone makes an offer or post it on auction websites like Godaddy Auctions or Namecheap Market Place. The passive part is basically buying and holding it, once you own the asset there is no more work but to wait for an offer or listed once until it sells.

2. Invest in growth stocks and cash out once they increase in value: The stock market is one of my favorite places to make money, it is a higher risk opportunity however if you understand how companies are valued you can make really good passive income. The reason why the stock market works so well is because of it’s volatility, now before we get started I need you to understand the risk and invest at your own risk, do your research before and remember that here at Inbox27.com we are not financial advisers, these are our own opinions and you need to understand the risks associated with trading stocks before investing, however once you understand the market you can make a lot of money.

Here is how this passive income idea works, you will be valuing companies based on their revenue, their debt and the value each shares. So say there is a company that has good quarterly revenue, they have low debt and a product that people need, you look at the price chart and you see that they are currently undervalued, all you will do is buy those shares at a discount and wait until the price goes up, if you currently do not have a broker you can try the Robinhood App, they offer commission free trading and many other features.

Now for the fun part, making money. So once you have held the stock for a certain amount of time, if the stock has gone up in value you can sell your shares for a profit, I have done this many times and it works out great, sometimes I can enter a position and sell it the very same day, other times I’ve to wait a few weeks or even a couple of years, it all really depends on how much profits you want to make. If your shares go up in value pretty fast then sometimes it is not a bad idea to sell some of your shares for a profit, for example if my shares go up in value, say 5% to 10% within a week then that is a pretty good deal for me and I will sell, if the stock goes down and I do not feel like adding more cash to average down then I will wait what ever time it takes until I have a profitable trade, I rarely sell at a loss but I do not put all my eggs in one basket, I diversify my positions and only sell when I want to cash out, this passive income idea only takes a few minutes to complete and requires little work, the biggest thing that you will need is patience.

Robinhood App
Download the Robinhood Investing App

3. Invest in Dividend paying stocks and get paid to hold your shares every month: What would you think if I told you that there are companies out there that will send you a check just for being an investor? Imagine if you could give a company money so that they can grow their business and they give you a piece of their revenue each month or each quarter? Well. investing in companies that pay out a dividend is my 3rd passive income idea which will make you money each month! These companies are called blue chip companies and they will pay their investors a percentage back just for for holding the stock, not only will you receive a dividend payment but if you want to sell your shares you can do so for a profit if you want.

This is one of my favorites when it comes to investing, just like the previous passive income idea, you have to do your own research and invest in companies that you understand, however if you understand your risk you can receive a payment several times a year for doing no work at all, some of my favorite dividend companies are AT&T, Verizon, Microsoft, Apple and Cisco. Of course, there are many out there like Ford and Exxon however I understand technology companies and telecommunications so I chose to invest in those. To get started you can also use the Robinhood app and all you have to do is hold the shares for a certain period of time and you will notice payments being deposited to you, how amazing is that?

For more dividend paying stocks for passive income see Dividend Aristocrats.

4. Invest in Real Estate with little money and without doing any work: Investing in Real Estate can be an amazing way of building wealth and building passive income, the idea of owning multiple properties and collecting monthly payments can be really exciting however it takes a lot of work and it requires a lot of capital, in the United States a single family unit can cost you at least $100,000 dollars and this is just for a basic rental property that will likely need to be remodeled and will need repairs. Not only do you need to get a loan from a bank to pay for it but you will also have to pay an interest rate on the loan, this can be a lot of work and even though Real Estate can be exciting it can also be a risky investment, even though it is considered passive income it does require constant work and maintenance, specially when you are having to deal with tenants.

So what alternatives do we have to Real Estate? Let me introduce you to REIT’s or also known as Real Estate Investment Trust! So how do REITS work? We’ll it is very simple, you invest in a company that buys and manages Real Estate properties and they will pay you back a dividend every month and you do not have to move a finger! How cool is that? These REITS handle all of the work required to buy properties of different types like residential, commercial and others and the benefit of you being an investor is that they will pay you a monthly dividend that is usually way higher than most Stocks, you can buy REITS through investing apps like Robinhood. An example REIT is New Residential Investment Corp. Now as any other investment make sure you understand the company and how they manage their assets and invest at your own risk, however if you are looking for a source of true passive income REITS can offer that for sure.

Real Estate
Real Estate Investment Trust

5. Build a Content Website and monetize it with Google Adsense: The Internet offers an amazing opportunity for you to make passive income, there are over 7 billion people in this planet and every single one of those people will be looking for information at any point in their lives. Even though there are millions of websites on the Internet and apps there is a huge demand for information and you can easily provide such information and make passive income with the traffic that your website receives.

So how does building a content website work and how can you make passive income? Well let me explain, this process is fairly simple and there is a basic recipe to follow for you to make passive income, just like any other business model, you will require an initial investment of time or money, the benefit of making passive income with a nice content website is that you do not need a lot of time or money to get started and a nice website can provide you with passive income for life, here are the simple steps required to build a content website and make money every month from it.

  • Register your domain name with Godaddy or Namecheap
  • Get a web hosting account with Hostgator
  • Install WordPress on your website
  • Find a topic and either write the content yourself or hire a writer on Fiverr (each article needs to be at least 2,000 words)
  • Write at least 10 articles about a very specific nice, add a contact page, privacy and about you
  • Apply for Google Adsense
  • Promote your website on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

And that is basically it, with a small investment of money and time you can have a nice website up and running, the best part is that once you have completed your website you can start making passive income without any other work, of course if you want to make more money then you can scale your business but if you want true passive income, this is one way to do it.

And there you have it, 5 passive income ideas that will make you money every month! Hope this information was useful to you, if it was please share this with your friends and family, if you have ideas or would like to contact us feel free to email us or leave a comment! Also do not forget to bookmark our website and come back often for more tips on business, technology and finance.

How Supply and Demand Affect Adsense Earnings

Ever wonder why some websites get a ton of traffic and others do not?

Have you ever noticed that some Adsense ads are worth a lot of money per click and others barely pay a few cents per click?

The laws of supply and demand affect all business and Google Adsense is not exempt from these laws, see it is all about what consumers want and what is provided to them, if you can meet the demand  you can use this to your advantage and earn more money, supply and demand affect your Adsense revenue and today I will show you how to take advantage of these laws.

You already know what Google Adsense is, now let’s make more money from it.

Google Adsense is probably the best ad revenue platform for publishers which allows you to monetize your web content, the concept is simple, you place advertisements on your website that are served by Google and you will get a portion of the revenue generated from such advertisements, the advertiser gets new customers and they pay the ad company and the revenue is shared, everybody makes money one way or the other, it’s a simple concept however in reality it is a high tech and complicated system.

If you are currently banned or not approved for Adsense, you can sign up for Infolinks which is another great alternative for placing ads on your website.

So what is the law of supply and demand and how we can use it to our advantage.

Ok, so now that we know how Google Adsense works, let’s talk about a very popular business law, the power of supply and demand. In simple terms, let’s say that you sell bananas and you are the only person in town who has the fruit, if there are hundreds of people wanting the product you can basically control the price and raise the price until people stop buying them from you. Now, if there are multiple people selling the same product, the the value of your product goes down.

Now, let’s change things a bit and say that there are no buyers of bananas and there are many sellers, then the prices will go down until the buyers are motivated to buy since prices are so low, this is the law of supply and demand.

How do we take advantage of supply and demand when using Google Adsense

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Now that we know how these laws work, its time to use it to our advantage, see when it comes to the Internet content is king, let’s say that you built a website about Marketing, if you write content about IM or Internet Marketing you will notice that there are hundreds of thousands of articles about the same topic, based on the law of supply and demand, there are too many suppliers meeting the demand for people. No matter how hard you work and how many back links you build, it will be very hard to rank higher since there are too many competitors.

Now if you take the same approach and build a marketing website that servers content for your city only, like New York Marketing you will notice that the competition will be lower, yes there might be less demand but you will still have enough demand where it will be worth creating the content to server people looking for such content, it will not only be easier to rank but it will take less time and you will start making revenue faster.

Not only will this allow you to earn money and create traffic faster but it will also allow you to be an expert in your niche and you will be able to server your audience much better, also the Google Ads will be much targeted and you will even make more money if you served content that was more generic.

As you can see, Google Adsense can be a very powerful tool an it can be extremely competitive, the law of supply and demand also applies to just about any other business. For example if you have a barber shop in a city that has too many barbers serving the same people it will be very hard to compete, now if you find out that there are no tattoo artist any where and you can serve that demand you will have an easier time building your business.

This is why before starting an online business you have to determine how much supply and demand there are for your products or services, once you figure that out you will have an easier time being successful. This applies for Google Adsense, before creating your content do your research and find out just how much competition you have, if there is too much content that is relevant to what your topic is you better be creative and create content that is more unique and serve the niche audience instead of trying to target content that has already been published hundreds of thousands of times.

A simple way to determine how much competition you have is to do a simple Google search and see how many websites come up from the search terms that you made, if you navigate through the first 5 pages of results make a list and start to monitor what your competitors do, if they have too many back links and they have been online for a long time likely you need to find another topic to serve and monetize. It is just that simple.

Final thoughts

Hope this information was useful and thank you for visiting Inbox27.com, if you like our content feel free to share this page with your friends and family and make sure to add us to your favorites and come back soon.

If you have not started a website yet and want to get started feel free to check out the web hosting below, you can get a free domain name with your plan and you can get started online in no time. Build your business online today and start making money.

Also do not forget to check out this article about email security for your business and personal use.