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Making money on the Internet and having your own website is a dream that many people have, the process of creating a popular website can be a bit complicated process that requires many steps to achieve, the basic process is having your own web domain , have hosting and a content management system.

The interesting thing about this is that this is only the first part, to have a successful website you will require other things such as knowing how to market and optimize your site so that Search Engines find it, today we are going to analyze a site website that I designed and that was quite successful at the time, this site received thousands of searches per month and generated quite a few referrals to my affiliate links, here we are going to explore each step I take to create a successful site.

One of the most important factors is to select a topic that has enough traffic and enough searches to be worth the investment of time, if you create a topic that has nothing of interest to the public, your website will not receive any traffic, before creating any page make sure the topic you are writing about is popular.

In addition to this, it is good to remember that you have to write high quality information, well written articles with current information and without spelling errors, search engines are always taking all these factors into account and if you create mediocre information you will not generate any type of sales.

Now that we have an idea of ​​what it takes to create a web page that generates good traffic and income, we are going to analyze step by step what it takes to have a well optimized page, we are going to analyze the page sector by sector.

Do you want financial freedom and do you want to spend a lot of vacations in places like this? Read this information and learn how to make a lot of money on the Internet, it is still possible to make money online, just like it is possible to make money with any business, it takes a lot of work and a big investment of time and money however you can still make a profit.

The Importance Of Having Great Titles and Content

Having a good title is extremely important if you want to attract many visitors from the Internet, when a person does a search on Google or Bing, they are looking for an answer and they will click on the most relevant link to the search they are doing, the website that I designed was optimized to attract those visitors looking for a solution to their problems, the website that was very successful was because it answered questions or news that people were looking for, my site was based on the theme of entertainment and the title of each page was extremely important to attract attention and attract new visitors.

Photos or Images Give Your Website Personality

Most people do not like to read a book without any images that accompany the text, it is important to have images and photos on your website as this will give it a good personality, this will also help you your visitors to have a clearer idea on the subject and it is an excellent complement to the information you are providing.

Many people believe that it is very difficult to obtain images but the reality is that it is relatively easy to achieve this, in most cases, I recommend not copying images or photos from other web pages or blogs, it is better that you take or design your your own photos as they will give originality to your page, this will also favor it in the search engines since the duplicate content filters can tell that your photos were copied from other web pages, if you want to have many photos available I recommend you use your own camera or mobile phone and take your own photos, not all of us are expert photographers but if you learn a little about how to take good quality photos, you will have many photos at your disposal for your blog.

Check out which is a free website that allows you to download royalty free images for your blog or website.

Each article requires a lot of relevant information

How many times have you come across a page that has only two or three paragraphs and has almost no information. Many webmasters use tactics to achieve the first positions in the search engines and tricks that at the end of the day do not give any kind of value to the visitor, when you create information to share on the Internet your goal should always be the visitors first.

Create pages with hundreds of words, current and relevant information which will answer the visitor’s questions, if you manage to do this people will naturally recommend your website and share your work on social sites like Facebook and Twitter If your page does not require many words then at least it shows many photos or videos which will allow your readers to spend time enjoying your website.

In the previous example, you could see the importance of having a good title and the amount content is necessary to be high, the site that generated thousands of visits was a site with a lot of information about shows, it had dozens of articles with a lot of text to which he talked about everything that artists did, whenever you design your information, always take into account that other people are going to read and judge your content and on this depends on your success and that you can make a lot of money.

The domain must be short and easy to remember

Many people have the habit of looking for some type of free domain to create their content but this can be a serious mistake, having your own site or your blog has to be treated as a business and a great investment of time and money, you want to maximize The possibility of being lucrative and obtaining a free domain, long and hard to remember, can be a serious mistake.

The best way to do this is to look for a .com domain that is short and that your visitors will remember and return several times a month, I recommend that you use a domain registrar like Godaddy or Namecheap and obtain your registration, the the easiest way to know if your domain is going to be successful is to mention a family member or friend and hours later ask them if they can repeat and write what you said, if they can’t do this or they misspell it, this means that your domain is Too complicated.

Always look for the shortest option and also relevant to the topic you are going to be writing about, once you have your domain selected then it is time to get a web hosting account, one of the most popular is Hostgator (affiliate link).

By following all these steps you will have a profitable site and generate extra income.

Original and well written content makes a difference

There are many forums on the Internet which are looking for tactics to manipulate the results that appear in search engines, these tricks can work sometimes but at the end of the day they always end up failing. One of the most important things to have a successful website is to create original content, this content has to be based on your own experiences and your own opinions, you want to create content that you feel proud of, if you gave it the link do you like a friend to look at your work every day? Of course, if you have a site that is of poor quality, the content is poorly written and does not provide any kind of value to the public then I imagine that you will not be very proud to share it.

Writing original content can be somewhat complicated and for some it is easier to simply copy it from another website, the easiest way to make your own original articles is to create a blog based on the topics that you have passion, write information that you know or that have more experience and write about topics that fill you with emotion, your visitors will see this and they will realize that you are an excellent author.

Also take the time to correct any type of spelling errors and to correct grammar errors, all these steps will lead to success, this is what I did with my site that generated a lot of income since the domain was easy to remember , I had many photos and videos and in addition to this I had a lot of well-written and relevant information on the topics.

Godaddy Domains
Domain Name Registration

What is the best way to make money with your own portal

Well, we already talked about how to get your own domain registered, how to get a web hosting account and how to write many long and well written articles, now it is time to see how we are going to make money.

Before moving on to the topic, I recommend that you look for your statistics in your hosting account and determine how many visitors your site is generating per month, if at the moment you do not have much traffic, continue publishing a lot of information until you can see the traffic enter, I recommend you do not put ads until you manage to have 200 to 500 daily visitors, if this is the case then it means that you are doing something right, the next step will be to install an application if you are using WordPress as your platform and that you obtain a Google Account Adsense, this will give you the option to add links to sponsors that are relevant to the topic you are writing about. Little by little you will see that your traffic grows and that you will have a percentage of people who visit your sponsors which will generate good income.

Good luck creating your own website, if you have questions or have something to comment, use the option to leave your comments and I will gladly answer all your questions here on the blog.

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