Does Reciprocal Link Exchanges Still Work in 2020?

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Reciprocal link exchange with relevant websites is a powerful tool that all webmasters should be using, it is not just about Search Engine Optimization but the traffic that a link can bring to your site is well worth it.

Learn how to trade text links and traffic with relevant web sites and get traffic, the key here is to partner up with other webmasters in your industry and exchange links with quality sites only.

Reciprocal Link Exchange in 2020, does it still work?

Many people thinking traditional website link exchange is dead. However, this is not true! Search engines like Google and Yahoo still consider reciprocal incoming links when ranking a website. So, as long as you get good and relevance reciprocal link exchange then it will help your website, plus you also get the benefit of the traffic that your link partner can provide.

Here are a few guidelines that you can use when trade links with us or with any other webmasters:

Try to exchange link with a relevance websites. Websites with a theme topic related to your website or even better same topic as your website, this will benefit you and the visitors as well.

Make sure you don’t link to bad neighborhood. Never trade link with a website has been banned by Search Engines. These banned websites will not do you any good. In fact, it will hurt your website.
NEVER use the same anchor text over and over again. Make it looks more natural, branding is important and make sure to use your website domain url as well, do not just get links for rankings.

If possible, try to have your link on a page with few outgoing links because a Search Engines will only index certain number of link. It will not index all outgoing links. The key is to keep your visitors on mind, if it benefits your users seeing those links then go ahead and link out.

Quality Link Exchanges vs Quantity

With these guidelines, it will help you have a better link campaign. Link exchange will take time but the reward is well worth it, you do not need a million links to see benefits, find out 3 to 5 people in your industry and see if they are interested, do not do sitewide links, I prefer to exchange links in articles and web content.

Beside trading links, you could write articles and submit to article directories like Ezine Articles. Writing articles might take more time than trading links but it is much better since you’ll get many one way incoming links back to your website. Imagine hundreds or even thousands websites publishing your article and each has a link point back to your website. I strongly suggest you start writing articles and submit it to article directories.

Website Link Exchange
Reciprocal Links

If you don’t like to write articles then there is another way you can get lots of one way incoming links but it will be time consuming and that is submitting your links to directories. There are both paid directories and free directories. Paid directories might be expensive sometimes but your links will be indexed and most of the time in a short period amount of time. With free directories it might take a long time before your links get index if it ever get indexed however these niche directories do get traffic and they can send you new website visitors.

Once again just like article submitting, submitting links to directories will be very time consuming. However, submitting links can be automate. There are many great link exchange softwares on the market can get the job done for you. Or you can outsource this task to a service like Fiverr or any other freelance service.

SEO is important but content is still king

The last but not least is Press Release. This method can give you lots of traffic instantly and some good one-way incoming links. Just go to one of the search engines and search for “Press Release”. You will get lots of info on the steps how to success with this method. You can do all the above methods or pick one that you like the most. Whatever method you choose just stick with it. Remember to always publish your own content, make sure that it’s well written and unique, add your own twist and make sure to create your own following, we all have opinions and you can easily write hundreds of articles  a month which will bring you back a lot of traffic and people will naturally link back to you.

Just remember that almost every SEO strategy will work, but everything requires either time or money, if your business is worth it then go ahead and find the link building strategy that works for you and stick to it and you’ll be successful.

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