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Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Powerful Content Creation Strategies for Exploding Traffic and Link Popularity

One of the most discussed topics today is content creation. Many influencers are jumping into the bandwagon and are trying to revive and reinvent their old writing talents to good measure.

It is a known fact that there are several benefits when creating content and submitting them to other blogs and social media platforms but the main objective of most webmasters is to obtain one way links, thereby increasing Link Popularity and to generate website traffic.

Success is much easier to achieve when tried and tested strategies are adopted.

Given below are such strategies, if adopted will have a tremendous impact in boosting your link popularity and website traffic.

1. Content topic and niche

In article writing the most important thing is to choose the right niche and topic. Though you might be very knowledgeable in sports it makes no sense writing an article in Marketing. Choose a topic related to the theme of your website. If you find it difficult to choose a topic, then visit social media sites like Twitter and see what popular topics are being discussed and select one related to your website niche.

2. Create powerful titles

Have a powerful, killer or catchy title that will immediately grab the attention of your audience. Success or failure of your content is to a great extent dependent on your title. It is worth spending quite some time over this very important aspect, also look at your website Google Analytics and see what titles perform better than others.

3. Your introduction matters

The introduction has to be very compelling, this will build trust amongst your readers. So write an Introduction that is concise powerful and absorbing. It should be such that the reader would want to continue reading the article right up to your resource box, most successful bloggers have a following because the know who they are about about their lives.

4. Content continues to be king

Good content is what the reader is interested in. Keep in mind the popular saying “Content is King”. Your article should be of high quality, thought provoking, informative, precise and accurate. Articles written sincerely from the heart are greatly appreciated and accepted by the audience because they realize that you are trying to be helpful and before long a rapport is established between you and the audience. Always think of what the purpose of your content is, are you trying to promote a product or service, are you trying to share a message with the world or are you trying to teach something? Write content that has a purpose and your readers will engage with you.

5. Keyword Research

Keywords play a very significant role in article writing. The awareness and success of your content is greatly dependent on your key words and where you place them. The keywords should be judiciously placed in the title of your article, in the Introduction paragraph, in the concluding paragraph and in the main body of the article. It should not interrupt the flow of the article, be excessive and be seen as keyword stuffing.

6. Other resources for your readers

One of the main purposes of article writing is to obtain a one way link and generate traffic to your site. For this the Resource Box is of most importance. Place a resource box at the end of the article with a very brief description of yourself or your product along with your name and URL. Double check your URL since this is your life line for both your link and traffic.

7. Content Marketing

Having written a great content you now have to submit your article to various social media platforms and article sites. All of them have their own submission rules. It is important that you study them before submitting your article. Failure to do so will mean that your article may not get published and all your efforts will be in vain.

Affiliate Marketing

That’s it. Follow this strategy in your article writing and you are assured of a surge of traffic and increased link popularity. In addition you will soon be accepted as an authority and expert in your field.

Finally, always remember that your content can be used in Articles, Podcast and Videos, don’t stop at just writing an article, go to Youtube and post a video there, go to Facebook and make a post linking back to the original article, post your best pictures on photo sharing websites or Pinterest etc – this will create multiple sources of traffic.

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