Quick SEO Tips To Improve Google Rankings in 2021

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Basic SEO for your website to improve Google rankings in 2021

Would you like to receive some free traffic from search engines, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using SEO on your pages or your domain name, to do this you need to use the following techniques.

The Title of each page of your site has to be unique, do not allow all pages to have the same title, remember that a lot of content management systems will automatically generate title tags, sometimes they will use the home page instead of creating unique ones, make sure that it’s programed to allow the titles to be used based on the article name and not the home page.

Use the H1 tags for the title of your article H2 for the subtitle, even if this is not really as effective as other years, these tags still matter and they will tell the Search Engines what your content is about.

Use bold in important sections of your page code, this is important not only for SEO but also for your website visitors and readers, this will help them find the content that they are looking for before exiting your page or hitting the back button, the search engine algorithm will see that people actually spend time reading your website content.

Remember that search engines like articles of at least 1000 words, very short articles can be detected as spam, in 2021 is even more important to create even longer articles, 2000 or 3000 words are now the norm and it is needed so the visitor can get a good experience and they can get the answers they are looking for when searching your content, long format is king in 2021.

Search engines take several weeks to rank your pages but with these tips you can get a better position and receive free traffic, so patience is a must, not spend days and days modifying your pages just to see if you rank higher, create amazing web content, make sure that your pages are well written and properly formatted and publish your content, small changes are ok however it is not recommended to change the entire structure of your web page just to improve your rankings, as long as you have quality unique content you will be fine.

Google provides more guidelines if you need to improve your rankings:



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