So What’s Domain Name Parking?

Parked Domain
Parked Domain

Domain Name Parking

If you own one or many domain names and you do not want to spend hours designing a website, developing content etc parking your domain name is a very good idea to generate revenue from your traffic.

One of my favorite domain parking sites is, this site allows you to monetize your traffic without having to develop a website, you get paid for every click generated through your website, their templates are very good and they were created to generate high click through rates, also their payment rates are very good.

There are a lot of benefits from domain parking

No need to spend hours designing your website

No need to develop any content

If you own a generic domain that gets a lot of type in traffic you do not need to work on getting traffic

Like everything there are is a down side of parking a domain name.

No search engine traffic, the search engines usually rank sites with content and parked domain names have no content and they usually do not send you traffic.

Depending on the niche you could lose extra revenue by not creating a website like affiliate sales, cpm, etc.

Example of a Parked Domain

Domain parking can be very lucrative if done right, you can have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of domains making you money every single day, if the domain had previous traffic and people continue to type in the address you can easily turn it into a business, is an example of a parked domain, if you visit the URL you’ll see what it looks like, in the end these domains do provide value because they offer the visitor a landing page with options which will take you to companies that are advertising their products and services.

There are some niches that are bad for parked domain names, for example if you were getting traffic for the term “webmaster tips” and you park your domain there people will rarely click on your domain parking links.

Domain parking is great if you own many domains and you are not doing anything with them, usually any domain gets some traffic and you could be losing some money if you do not park your domain names, is a very good option for this and the best thing its free.

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