The future of cybersecurity: What marketers must know

The only inevitability in cybersecurity these days is that high-profile compromises will continue to dominate international headlines. This leaves organizations with one burning question: ‘How do we prevent our company from becoming the next headline’?

Cybersecurity is a child that keeps getting new toys, each old one is cast aside in the pursuit of something “new”. However, security threats are increasing and attackers are becoming ever more resourceful in finding weaknesses to exploit. More troubling is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, making it hard for organizations to defend themselves. That’s why businesses are increasingly turning to expert partners to provide security capabilities, from threat intelligence to defenses powered by AI, ML, and much more.

Famed Alabama head football coach Paul Bryant once said, “Defense Wins Championships”. But you also need a good offense to defeat potential adversaries. Join Lumina Communications and our distinguished panel of security experts who will discuss this and more, including the key trends that the industry continues to face head-on and a few best practices for how consumers and organizations can better prepare for the most pressing security issues that we will face in the year to come.

Lindsey O’Donnell, Senior Editor, Threatpost

Brandon Hoffman, CISO // Head of Security Strategy, Netenrich
Kristina Balaam, Senior Security Intelligence Engineer at Lookout
Chris Roberts, vCISO, Researcher, Hacker, Consultant, Devils Advocate

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